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Lumi’In’s solar street lights




The ASTRAL is a 3,50 meters high solar street light that is equipped with a 25 Wp solar panel, inclined at 45° or horizontally at the top of the lamp post . It supplies energy to a LED of 5Watts.


Technical specifications

Photovoltaic panels

25 Wp, inclined at 45° for the North of Europe.


12V 40 Ah that are located in a box buried at the foot of the pole.

SKY regulator

It controls the battery's charge and prevents a deep discharge. The energy is managed in a smart way. Thanks to it, the street light can emit light all night long (14 hours in december) during 6 to 8 days if there is a cloudy weather or if it is raining.


Height: 3,00 meters. In stainless steal. Wind resistant: 150 km/h.


The Astral is delivered with 2 LED boards of 9W and 3W. The light scattered by the luminaire is very similar to day light. The level of lighting (approximately 8 Lux in a 5 meters radius) is ideal to guard gardens and parking lots.


6 to 8 days if the street lamps are on 14 hours. It is possible to only swith on the lights during certain parts of the night to reduce the possible luminous pollution. To this effect, it is highly recommended to use a programmer (optionnaly available) that enables the user to manage the lighting periods.

Example of autonomy

Dusk lighting and shutdown 3 hours later, then lighting 1 hour before dawn, in total 4 hours of functionning that are the equivalent of 6 days of autonomy.


Lithium batteries
Surveillance camera (fictive or real)
Customisable colors
Motion detector
Grid connection for a photovoltaic/grid hydrib functionning
MPPT charge regulator: + 30% of solar energy harnessed compared to a classical regulator
Other options are possible depending on the client's needs