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Lumi’In’s solar street lights




The HCPL is a 3,5 meters high street light equiped with a solar panel of 60 Wp located on a mount at the top of the pole. It supplies power to a LED board with a power fixed at 15 W or 20 W.


Technical specifications

HCPL 15-20
Photovoltaic panels 60 Wp mounted flat
Batteries 12V 75 Ah that can be sheltered in a box fixed at the foot of the pole ou buried in a technic casket.
Smart solar charge regulator It controls the battery's charge and prevents a deep discharge. The energy is managed in a smart way. Thanks to it, the street light can emit light all night long, without programmation, (14 hours in december) during 8 to 10 days wether the weather is cloudy or rainy.
Pole In galvanized steel, thermo-painted and tropicalised.
Height of the pole 3, 5 m
Wind resistance 150 km/h.
LED The HCPL is delivered with a regulated 15W or 20W LED board. The light scattered by the luminaire is very similar to day light.
Autonomy 8 to 10 days without sun for a functioning all night long (starting with a fully charged battery)


Lithium batteries
Surveillance camera (fictive or real)
Customisable colors
Motion detector
Grid connection for a photovoltaic/grid hydrib functionning
MPPT charge regulator: + 30% of solar energy harnessed compared to a classical regulator
Other options are possible depending on the client's needs