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Lumi’In’s solar street lights

All in one



The lamps of the AIE (TEU) range are of type all integrated. They are "all in one" (Tout En Un)which means ll the necessary components necessary for a good lighting are included in just one product.

Easy to install, these lamps do not require any wiring, they just have to be attached.


Technical specifications

Photovoltaic panels

from 8 Wp to 80 WP.


Lithium in order to resist heat.

SKY regulator

It controls the battery's charge and prevents a deep discharge. The energy is managed in a smart way. Thanks to it, the street light can emit light all night long, without programmation, (14 hours in december) during 2 to 3 days wether the weather is cloudy or rainy.


Brigelux/CREE LED from 250 to 3300 Lumens.


Lithium batteries
Surveillance camera (fictive or real)
Customisable colors
Motion detector
Grid connection for a photovoltaic/grid hydrib functionning
MPPT charge regulator: + 30% of solar energy harnessed compared to a classical regulator
Other options are possible depending on the client's needs