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Lumi’In’s solar street lights




The WAVE is a 3 m street light, equiped with a waveform solar panel horizontally inclined.

Its design is perfectly adapted for the garden. It supplies energy to a 8W LED board.


Technical specifications

Photovoltaic panels

40 Wp (flexible) horizontally mounted. Regulated 12 V output voltage.


2 times 12 V 26 Ah. If fully charged it has an autonomy of 30 hours (without any deep discharge of the battery) to be divided on several nights. In summer, this is the equivalent of 5days without the sun. In winter, it is the equivalent of either 2 rainy days if the street light is on all night or 5 days if a progam is used to limit the time slots to 4 to 5 hours per night.

SKY regulator

It controls the battery's charge and prevents a deep discharge. The energy is managed in a smart way. Thanks to it, the street light can emit light all night long, without programmation, (14 hours in december) during 6 to 8 days wether the weather is cloudy or rainy.


In galvanized steel, thermo-painted and tropicalised, it is composed of a cylindrical foot that shelters the 2 batteries and the regulator, accesible thanks to a ventilated hatch. Optionnaly available is a impregnable screw. The pole is welded on the foot. The default colour is black. Optionnaly different colour can be chosen.

Wind resistance

210 km/h. It is possible to implant a solar system on existing poles. A technical hatch (buried or not, but waterproof) has to be planned,near the street light. Otherwise, a classic massif, , 420 x420x 650mm with 4 M16 screws with a center distance of 300mm are enough. Plans are available on demand by mail or fax.


Surveillance camera (fictive or real)

It enables to monitor and save events. Ideal for the lighting of bus shelters (school transport) or at the entrance of a factory, a theater...

Motion detector

Functions with a regulator: it switches the light on when a pedestrain is detected for a few minutes (1 to 15) outside of the time slots allocated by the regulator or, depending on the wiring, the swithing on can be triggered only when a pedestrian is detected in order to save more energy. The motion detector enables the street light to only light when it is necessary.


Lithium batteries
Surveillance camera (fictive or real)
Customisable colors
Motion detector
Grid connection for a photovoltaic/grid hydrib functionning
MPPT charge regulator: + 30% of solar energy harnessed compared to a classical regulator
Other options are possible depending on the client's needs